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Diquie's1820 Is opportunity
                   for Restauranteurs, Chefs or operators.

The creation of 1820 will fill a geographic void in a dining and gathering experience that would win the hearts of patrons, and gain a reputation as a destination along 44, old route 66, beyond what locals know about its social value.
The patience and planning by the local visionary assures a poignant concept and design to put 1820 in the category of a ‘must visit’ restaurant and social space in the region. By implementing this vision, combined with an intelligent
design and construction budget management on the build-out, the immediate and future success of this establishment will have a strong chance of long term success and accolades.
The value we create together at 101 E St Louis St in Pacific, with our collaborative team’s design and project implementation expertise, will be realized in a palpable level of quality and stewardship to the building and the town of Pacific.
Please join us in a conversation to operate the newest addition to Missouri’s
revered restaurant and bars.
It is time to put Pacific on the foodie map!
Call: 314-482-3201

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